Mechano Max designs & builds Modular Steel Bolt-Together supports & structures

Save time and money on labour, downtime, and engineering costs. Solutions for oil & gas, piping, electrical, instrumentation, warehousing, platforms and more!

Becoming organized doesn't have to be a chore anymore. We craft custom solutions for garage storage, shops, farms, truck racks, and more!

Industrial Solutions

At Mechano Max, we design and build adjustable, bolt-together steel solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Save time and money on reducing downtime, labour, and engineering expenses. We design, cut, assemble, and ship your custom solution anywhere in Canada. We use a pre-engineered steel system, made by Hilti®, and able to provide engineer stamped drawings.

Installation is fast and easy. We provide detailed assembly instructions with our modular steel solutions. Anyone can install, no special training or certification is required. We are happy to install if you want, but you probably don’t need us on site. All our solutions are 'Cold Work' so no welding is required at all, which means no downtime. All components are lightweight and easily assembled which is perfect for remote locations and congested areas.

Do you need help with Industrial solutions? Ask our experts.

Pipe Support Systems

Our Modular Pipe Support Systems And Pipe Hangers Require No Welding, Which Means No Downtime. Perfect For Congested Areas, Remote Locations, And Mobile Applications.   

Stairs & Walkways

Modular Stairs And Walkways That Easily Adapt To Variable Site Elevations And Conditions. Can Be Used As Both A Permanent Or Temporary Structure.

Work Platforms & Bridges

Eliminate Never-Ending Scaffolding Inspection And Rental Costs With Our Adjustable Access Platforms.

Storage Mezzanines

Convert Wasted Overhead Space Into Organized Storage Or Display Area In Your Store, Warehouse Or Shop.

Electrical And Instrumentation Supports

A Variety Of Different Applications: Cable Tray Supports, Electrical Instrumentation Stands, Panel Stands, Lighting Supports, Controller Stands, And More!

Heavy Duty Sign Stands

Our Modular Adjustable Sign Stands Are Ideal For Remote Locations. Transport In Pieces And Assemble In Minutes. No Welding Or Heavy Lifting Equipment Required. 

Adjustable & Easily Assembled

Bolt-Together Steel Solutions That Can Be Assembled Quickly. We Provide The Instructions - No Training Required!

Save Time & Money

Our Solutions are An Economica Alternative To Scaffolding & Welded Options Because You Save On Labour, Inspection, Rental, & Engineering Costs

Engineer Designed & Stamped

Our Industrial Solutions Are Engineer Designed And Stamped For Your Specific Application

Cold Work Solution

Our Bolt-Together Solutions Don't Require A Hot-Work Permit, Even At The Installation Stage. There Is No Downtime And No Welding Required. Perfect For Live Sites

Remote & Congested Areas

Our Custom Adjustable Solutions Can Be Transported In Pieces And Assembled On Site. You Won't Need A Welder Or Heavy Lifting Equipment

Ship Anywhere In Canada

We Stock Most Components And Can Ship To Any Location In Canada. Perfect For Those Time Sensitive Situations Where You Need An Immediate Solution

Residential Solutions

Our Mechano Max storage solutions can be described as a heavy duty Mechano set. Our solutions are adjustable modular; they adapt to your changing needs. The systems we use are extremely versatile and we are constantly developing new solutions for residential storage problems; we'd love to hear your ideas!

The most common uses for our systems have been for a variety of storage needs and customized truck racks. Now you finally have a solution for organizing your garage or shop. We can custom build a solution to meet your space and needs. Have one of our experts come check out your project and get a free quote!

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Our solutions are adjustable and modular; they adapt to your changing needs. If you move, we can dismantle and set it up in your new home. Garage door openers, lighting, ladders, stairs and more can be added.

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Convert Wasted Overhead & Wall Space Into More Room For Your Tools, Equipment, And Toys!

Adjustable Shelving

We Ship Your Pre-Cut Kit, Partially Or Fully Assembled With Detailed Installation Instructions. Don't Want To Do The Install Yourself? No Problem, One Of Our Experts Is Glad To Help.

Custom Truck Racks

Headache Racks, Ladder Racks, Or Any Truck Rack You Can Imagine. Maximize Your Payload And Your Funload With Our Flexible Truck Rack Solutions.


We have used Ryan and Rob for several projects and the professionalism, design capability, and finished products are beyond any expectation. They are always on budget and on time. I would highly recommend Mechano Max to anyone looking for storage, display, or warehouse solutions!