Storage Mezzanines

Do you need additional storage or display space in your warehouse, store or shop? Mechano Max will convert wasted overhead space into organized storage or display area. At Mechano Max we design & build modular steel, bolt-together mezzanine systems like a heavy duty Mechano Set. Each system comes with engineer stamped drawings, so there is no engineering bottleneck.

Why choose Mechano Max over traditional wood or welded steel mezzanines? Bottom line - it’s a better investment. Installation time is much faster which translates to reduced labour costs & less disruption to your business. You own your freestanding Mechano Max structure. When you move, we can disassemble and move your modular mezzanine to your new location; the perfect solution for companies leasing space. 

Custom Modular Mezzanines

Mechano Max Solutions provide the maximum storage area with no posts to get in the way. We use heavy duty steel beams that span longer distances than wood and are much more secure. 

At Mechano Max we don’t just sell you shelving, we design your custom mezzanine to meet your needs.The system we use is flexible so we can design and build around existing pipes, ducts, heaters and other objects. It’s easy to integrate & attach sprinklers, lighting and other systems. Add removable floor sections & chain hoist to lift heavy objects. You can also customize your system to incorporate lighting, hanging shelves, stairs, and a freight-drop area! All components are galvanized steel; ideal for interior and exterior applications.

No hot work permit required for installation of our modular bolt-together solutions. We can develop a support system to either hang or utilize support legs. Install any time with minimal disruption to your operations, there is no need to wait for a shutdown. There are no welds to inspect, no welding at all, even during the installation process. Site installation costs are much lower than typical welded or wood mezzanines because our modular solutions take a fraction of the time to install. All our components are multi-functional and re-usable so if your scope changes, the system can change as well! 

All of our systems are lightweight and easily assembled, an ideal solution for remote locations and congested areas. Transport is easy and can be done in pieces then quickly assemble on site. The systems can also be customized to work with your existing solutions to reduce costs and waste material. No cranes, no heavy lifting equipment, and no welding required!

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Adjustable & Easily Assembled

Bolt-Together Steel Solutions That Can Be Assembled Quickly. We Provide The Instructions - No Training Required!

Save Time & Money

Our Solutions are An Economica Alternative To Scaffolding & Welded Options Because You Save On Labour, Inspection, Rental, & Engineering Costs

Engineer Designed & Stamped

Our Industrial Solutions Are Engineer Designed And Stamped For Your Specific Application

Cold Work Solution

Our Bolt-Together Solutions Don't Require A Hot-Work Permit, Even At The Installation Stage. There Is No Downtime And No Welding Required. Perfect For Live Sites

Remote & Congested Areas

Our Custom Adjustable Solutions Can Be Transported In Pieces And Assembled On Site. You Won't Need A Welder Or Heavy Lifting Equipment

Ship Anywhere In Canada

We Stock Most Components And Can Ship To Any Location In Canada. Perfect For Those Time Sensitive Situations Where You Need An Immediate Solution