About Mechano Max

Who We Are

Mechano Max Corp is a family owned and operated company that started in 2011 by Rob Owens and Ryan Owens. They both have a skill for finding innovative solutions to solve pain-in-the-butt applications. This translated into saving many clients a lot of time and money and blossomed into a fast-growing Canadian company. 

Mechano Max first started off providing storage solutions for warehouses and garages. Now the team has expanded greatly and focuses on a variety of difficult to solve industrial applications in Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Advertising, Instrumentation, Truck Racks, & More! 




Terry Kwas

Our Mechano Max storage area is great! It was the perfect solution to meet our need for extra storage for everything from hockey gear and Christmas decorations to camping equipment and golf clubs. The 100 ft2 (4’height) area in our garage is easy to access and very durable. Trust me, we really pack things in there! Love having everything this handy in a heated area. Ditch the storage locker and go for a Mechano Max installation. You will be pleased with the product and the company. Thanks Rob and Ryan.

Chris Hebert

We asked Mechanomax to come up with an innovative solution to support our temporary piping used on remote oilfield sites. They were able to deliver the product on time and on budget and offered great customer support. We will definitely partner with them again on future projects.

Tom Brady

Mechano Max was the perfect solution for carrying a number of watercraft on my truck, and the ability to customize and create two tiers is a huge advantage of the system. Thanks Mechano Max for your extraordinary attention to detail!