6000 lb Pipe SupportPipe Support

Modular Pipe Supports : Adjustable Heavy Duty No Welding Required
Fast Assembly & Disassembly. Easy to Transport as a Knock Down Kit

Mechano Max designs & builds Modular Steel Bolt-Together supports & structures
Like a Heavy Duty Mechano Set

Reduce your Fabrication & Installation costs

  • Mechano Max Modular Supports typically cost less than traditional welded supports.
  • Save again when you install. Any trade can install quickly & easily.
  • Simply clamp to steel or anchor to concrete. No welding required

Save time & money
when you clamp pipes & pipe shoe guides to our Modular Supports

  • No Welding. No Drilling. No Damage to paint.

We will custom design to meet your load & application requirements.

  • We will convert your welded support drawings.
  • Engineer stamped drawings can also be provided.

Do last minute changes ever cause delays and cost over-runs?

  • No problem! Our Modular Supports are easy to adjust or modify with just a socket.

No waste even if you scrap the support.

  • Our components are multi-functional & can be re-used for many other applications

We will supply as assembled units

  • Or knock-down kits with easy assembly instructions to reduce shipping costs.

Quality Control is simple & fast

  • No welds to inspect.
  • Torque requirements can be easily verified with a torque wrench.

Save time on Shutdowns!
Reduce Hot Work!

  • Mechano Max Modular Supports are Cold Work solutions from fabrication to installation

Ten Supports

Pipe Support up Close
Pipe Supports being assembled on site

Pipe Supports Congested Area
Pipe Supports Pipe Shoes
T Pipe Support

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Modular Steel Solutions by Mechano Max
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