Industrial Platform

Modular Platforms, Bridges & Walkways

Mechano Max designs & builds Modular Steel Bolt-Together supports & structures
Like a Heavy Duty Mechano Set

Eliminate perpetual inspection & rental costs

  • Ideal for long-term scaffolding applications
  • Mechano Max Modular Stuctures are permanent yet mobile, adjustable structures.
  • No Rental Costs. No inspection costs.
  • Any trade can install.

Reduce your Fabrication & Installation costs

  • Mechano Max Modular Platforms, Bridges & Walkways typically cost less than traditional welded structures, especially at installation stage.
  • Any trade can install quickly & easily. Simply clamp to steel or anchor to concrete. No welding required.

Need to move your structure?

  • Mechano Max Structures can be moved in one piece, a few sections or completely disassemble & store.
  • Ideal for platforms that need to be relocated during Turnarounds & Shutdowns.
  • Engineer stamped drawings can also be provided.

Change won't cost you a fortune.

  • Mechano Max components adjust easily with a socket.

No waste even if
you scrap the structure.

  • Our components are multi-functional & can be re-used for many other applications.

We use Galvanized Steel

  • No Painting Required. Use for Interior and
    Exterior applications

We will supply as assembled units.

  • Or knock-down kits with assembly instructions to reduce shipping costs.

Quality Control is simple & fast

  • No welds or scaffold connections to inspect. Torque requirements can be easily verified with a torque wrench

We will custom design to meet your load & application requirements.

  • Or convert your current welded structure or scaffolding design.
Pipe Bridge

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Modular Steel Solutions by Mechano Max
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