Clear sight lines behind platform - Plenty of Sponsor Banner space

Mechano Max will design & build an Elevated Platform for your Outdoor Concert or Event
We'll get your show off the ground... for all to see!

Mechano Max designs & builds Modular Steel Bolt-Together supports & structures
Like a Heavy Duty Mechano Set

Elevated, modular platforms for sound & lighting equipment. Seating for VIP & Event officials

Maximum exposure for Sponsor banners. Elevated platform allows clear sight lines for audience.

Fast assembly & tear-down. Easy to transport & store. Modular components adapt to your changing needs.

Galvanized steel is ideal for outdoor applications. Custom designed speaker & lighting supports.

Custom designed speaker and lighting supports

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I highly recommend Mechano Max platformsWe have utilized a Mechano Max platform for The Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation's Kimmett Cup 3 on 3 Pond Hockey Tournament for the past 2 events. The structure definitely adds a "WOW" factor to our tournament village. Towering above the ice surface the Mechano Max tower provides a birds-eye view for media, announcers, photographers, VIP seating, and tournament officials overlooking the 4 rinks below. It also provides ample space for highly visible advertiser banners which generates revenue for our annual fundraising venture. We also utilize the lower level for tournament displays, schedule boards, and scoreboards. Our Mechano Max tower is easy to set up and tear down, safe, solid, adjustable, flexible, and easy to store. We also attach lighting, flags, stairs, security gate, and a sound system with highly functional Mechano Max accessories. I highly recommend Mechano Max platforms for your next event.
Kelly Kimmett, Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation (Kimmett Cup)

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Modular Steel Solutions by Mechano Max
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